The Community



 Luke | Co-Founder

   Luke is a co-founder of Cherry and he makes everything run smooth from business decisions to finances. He works on making sure the website and logistics are all in place! He is a idea driven, big picture team member who strives to make Cherry a strong community. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and longboarding, making him a perfect fit with Cherry. Luke believes in enjoying the simple things and he looks to find meaning in every part of life. He enjoys creating music, playing video games with his friends, and finding ways to entertain the world.


Weston | Co-Founder


Weston is a co-founder of Cherry and he runs all of our social media, video production, and graphic designs behind Cherry. Simply put, he is our head of marketing. Weston has a passion for creating interesting and unique art through the use of videography and graphic design. His shorts films have taken home awards more than once! Outside of Weston’s amazing video production, he enjoys longboarding through Minneapolis, spending time with his friends, trying new things, and going on camping trips.

Mahri | Lead Writer 

Mahri is a creative writer that has a heart for community and longboarding. She does all of the written content creation for Cherry. Mahri is a phenomenal writer with anything from short stories to touching poetry. She loves jumping into new projects and ideas while giving it her all. She enjoys longboarding, spending time with her close friends, trying new things, and getting lost in the beautiful city of Minneapolis.


One thing Cherry strives to do is promote not only art, but the artists! The one of a kind deck art on a Cherry Longboard always has a face behind the beautify and creativity. Because of this, Cherry always take the time to promote and esteem those behind the art. Without the artists, there is no art.


Cat Evans


Cat is the mind behind the Octavio, and you can find her other amazing artwork on the Facebook page @RamblnBonesss.
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