The Story

We Are Cherry


What is so special about Cherry boards? What makes Cherry different from all the other longboarding companies out there? It’s our passion and drive for community. Our driving factor in creating Cherry began with two guys who just wanted to pull from the community of longboarders. It is said that people are their culture. Longboarders have their own culture and we want to not only focus on it, but celebrate it.


    Not only are we focusing on community, but also on the actual boards themselves. We decided to partner up with local and regional artists to express ourselves through our boards. We are teaming up with these artists to create one of kind boards. Everyone who owns one of our boards will see the passion, talent, and drive that our artists have. These limited edition boards will give each artist their chance at exposure along with having a set amount of boards dedicated to their artwork.

     Cherry is anyone who is a part of our community. It is the long hours of hard work put into art. It is the crazy experiences we have flying down a street on our boards. We celebrate the person behind the art of board as well as the board’s rider. We are Cherry. Our custom designs and fun merchandise is just the cherry on top of it all! 


                                                   Join the Community!